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"This dude Electricteams Custom Painters is amazing!!"
-Eric Michael Washington

"I am wowed out how beautiful this is. 1968 San Diego Chargers in their "powder blue" jerseys.  Thanks to Marlon at Electricteams Custom Painters. As someone says, Marlon's work is like someone took a shrinking ray to a real team".
-Tim Landry

"I would like to say thank you to Electricteams Custom Painters for my usfl teams".
-Robert Spencer

"This is just a thank you tip for the figures. I got them today and you went above and beyond with the facemasks! Matching the right mask for the correct era of player was a bonus I had not counted on. Thank you for the fine work! They are truly beautiful. The photos you took, as nice as they were, do not do justice to the detail! A+A+"
-Lynn "Weirdwolf" Schmidt

"Hey guys, received my team today and I can tell you that they look just as good as they do on the pix. Dallcow, thanks brother".
-Leonard Crawford/Daghstrydr

You're an artiste, as people would say in my other hobby....they are even better in person"
-Bill Moreno

"I love them dude....will order another team soon, no rush on completion."
-Bob Owens

Haters are going to hate. They know you do great work, that's why they try to tarnish your reputation. It's obvious, by the number of teams you produce, that it's not working.  I just saw the pics of my Canes..... they are perfect! Thanks again for your hard work.
-Jon Folsom

These guys are the best out there. Clean, crisp and VERY attentive to detail. The only way to get teams any better is to go to an NFL or NCAA game with a shrink-ray and zap both sidelines!!!
-Jimbo Dunagan

"Love the teams u painted for me....worth every penny!.....your work is the best I've ever seen and I've been collecting ef football stuff since i was 1967"
-Rickey White Sr.

" They are genius. I'm ordering a team from them.  I'll put in my order within the hour. You are my new favorite artist."
-Chris Bopst

"You deserve a lifetime achievement award for the outstanding quality and detail of the teams you create! Great photos too! I'm a proud owner of several of your electric football masterpieces!"
-Glenn Hardaway

"No, thank YOU. Your consistency is a lifeline to an EFer far away from the motherland."
-William Campbell

"That has to be one of the best looking teams and I really like the poses! I'm a fan!"

 "Work is so crisp and clean! Great colors too, spot on. You seem to do a perfect job, every time. Sounds like a commercial!"

"I ordered three electric football teams, and they are the most treasured teams I have...they are the best looking teams I own.  The teams were in my mailbox in two weeks.  Thanks, electricteams.com, for making my day!"
-Randy Dooley

"I just want to take this time and thank you once again for the hub you did on my Bengals and Dolphins.  I know that you take pride in your work and sometimes the only thanks you get is when a customer receives their order.  Well I'm not receiving an order but just want to thank you again.  I look at a lot of guys who paint but their work isn't as crisp and sharp as your work, and your work is like that of my own.
If it's God will when I do another MPFL Season I point new member and old to your page as your work is the level I want to see on an MPFL field.
Thank you and may God continue to bless you and your family."
-Anthony Burgess

"I gotta tell you, this is the cleanest, most realistic electric football team I have ever seen in person.  Thanks for getting my team done so fast, and I will make sure all my boys order from you".
-Sidney Thompson  
"My team that was done by electricteams.com, and are pictured in the photo gallery section, have arrived". "They are fantastic looking".  "GREAT JOB by Electricteams.com
-Frank Burgo 
"You always have super looking painted teams and decals. Great job again!"
"Want to give thanks to electricteams.com.  Just got my custom electric football team in the mail. They r sweet! You are the best i've seen, because of the realism.  The socks are all personalized and everything. Will post pics when i can take some. Keep up the good work, and I'll make sure to pass the word on about your excellent work. Hope to order more teams from u soon!"
"Yep, also opened up my team yesterday from Electricteams.com These are unbelievable!"
"These dudes from Electricteams.com are smokin' hot!!!!!!!!!! Outstanding!" Thanks Marlon!
"Great looking team!! Those look spectacular!!!"
"Marlon is a master".

  "MARLON, thanx again for suns and sharks decals...very satisfied!!!!"
- Dave Sharpe 

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