X-mas memories..share yours
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X-mas memories..share yours

When I was about 10 years old, I needed a new football set, and I told my dad for months that was all I wanted for Xmas. All he would say was, "we'll see". On Xmas eve night, I stayed up all night, as usual, with my brothers, and could not wait to see my new Super Bowl board.
When we were called downstairs to the tree on Xmas morning, I flew down the stairs, and looked under the tree---there were tons of toys, Atari, bikes, everything BUT a football set. I guess my dad saw my disappointment, and came up and hugged me, and pointed under the staircase. THERE WAS MY SUPERBOWL BOARD--DALLAS VS. DENVER!!! It was all set up underneath the staircase, with the players based up, and everyything. It was the first time I had seen TTC bases, and to this day, that is my most memorable Xmas gift ever--didn't even ride my new bike that day.
My dad is a special dude to me, and everytime he ********es me off, I remember days like that, and how much he has sacrificed for ME since the day I was born. Merry Xmas pops!!!